Facebook has just rolled out a small but nice update for pages, allowing you to have a call to action button on your cover photo.

The photo above is a screenshot of the Facebook page for my campus’s spirit group. As you can see, on the right side of the cover photo there is a button that says “Sign Up.” This is the call to action button. In this case, it links directly to the organization’s sign-up form on OrgSync that will allow current students to sign up and pay their dues all online.

If you haven’t already set up a call to action box on your organization’s page, you should see a box like the one in the image below that says “Create Call-to-Action” Go ahead and click that
A window like the one above should pop up. The only choices that are really pertinent to organizations would be the “Sign Up” and “Contact Us.” For this particular page, I chose the “Contact Us” option. After you’ve chose your button, copy the link to the page where you want the button send   the user. I would leave the mobile website box empty, unless you have a specific mobile only site. Click the blue “Next” button.
 Leave the “website” option in the dropdown for iOS Destination and click “Next”
Do the same for Android and click “Create.” Your call-to-action button has been placed on your page! Easy eh?

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