For my artifact, I decided to do a couple of bus skins highlighting the existence of the zoo we chose to work with. With the zoo being located in Moapa, NV and knowing that many local students didn’t know of its existence we decided that our target audience would be men and women age 18-26 located in the Southern Utah area.

(Sidenote, the rest of the campaign, along with the style guide and such can be found at

Why a bus skin? Here’s my reasoning. Near campus, there is a major ‘hub’ for the SunTran bus system, where buses typically idle for a few minutes at a time. Many students pass these buses during busy commute times and would see them. Also, because of the color scheme chosen for our campaign, I knew that something that was a shade of bright green as big as a bus would stand out from anything else and pull peoples attention.

Because buses move, and people pass them quickly; it needed to be visually catchy while also having an element of simplicity. Two of our major communication objectives were to promote awareness of the existence of the zoo in Moapa and to instill a desire for people to learn more about the zoo, so in order to accomplish that I wanted to make sure that the logo and zoo name were featured prominently as to easily be seen. The website address is simple and featured in a contrasting font color to make sure it stands out and is easily legible. Social Media icons were featured as a decently large part near the website address in order to give people a quick alternate way of looking up information about the zoo.

An Asymmetrical balance was an important design aspect of these skins to create the feeling of fun and quirkiness. I also wanted to use the photos and their natural vectors to move people’s eyes toward the text. The lemur in the first photo is staring right at the social media icons and website address, and the hand feeding the kangaroo in the second image points your eye towards the main slogan and website address.

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