This assignment came at a great time.  The day before the assignment was given to look for a website with great design, I was in the market for some new jeans.  Fall is in the air, mornings and evenings are cooler and, well… I’ve put on a little bit of weight.  A good friend recommended a website to go and look for good, high-quality, stylish and inexpensive jeans.  I proceeded to buy a few pairs (which are being shipped to me as I’m typing this).  The next day, I revisited the site to look at it from a design standpoint, as per this assignment.  These guys must have been doing something right, because I dropped $60 bucks on their product without hesitating.  In hindsight, a lot of that has to do with the way their design made me feel as a consumer.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

First things first: The homepage/landing page. What makes this work so well? The use of figure ground relationships places the clothing in focus. The page itself communicates their overlying business objective: Simplicity.  This is done through the square designs, sans-serif fonts, black and white navigation and balanced visuals.  Throughout the site, there is great continuity in design, as seen by the login page.  The use of the lower right for their call to action box (to subscribe to emails) is evident and works really well.  Because of the contrast between the all white background, your eyes are immediately pulled from the logo in the top left to the subscribe button on the bottom right:

The mobile version the site is also pretty great.  The design is responsive, so no matter what size your browser window is, the site looks great and sizes itself appropriately.  Responsiveness is key to their simplistic theme, and is executed flawlessly:
Another key axiom used well on their site is the strong grid. Their product photos are always lined up, framed the same and spaced evenly on the page, creating a beautiful grid layout as seen below:

This grid layout continues well with the responsive layout to adjust even for smaller screen sizes, all while maintaining the same design idea:

This site is extremely intuitive in its design.  I know where to find anything I’m looking for immediately, and don’t need to search around at all.

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