As I was searching for a video that translated well between screens, my mind went back to a video I saw a few weeks ago.  This song is current at the top of the iTunes charts.

Visually, it focuses a lot on her face.  She is framed in a way that is comfortable and doesn’t give us the decapitated feeling, so the gestalt principle of closure is used well.

There is a great use of figure-ground relationships in this video, throughout just about every scene. When she’s singing, its a simple backdrop behind her with little distraction.

Balance is used in interesting ways in this video. Many of the shots are perfectly centered, placing the focal point directly in the middle. Most of the time you never see a shot that was center balanced followed by another center balanced shot; it shifts to an asymmetrical balance to the left or right and then back to center again in the next shot.

Watching this video on devices of 4 different screen sizes (iphone, ipad, macbook and imac), I was able to capture the exact same message and feeling because of the way it was filmed.  I didn’t miss out on anything. I would argue that this video was designed to be watched mostly on a mobile platform but executed in a way that made it look great no matter if it was being watched on a 4 inch screen or 54 inch TV.

EDIT: Here’s another ad I saw today that I think fits well with this assignment; more info coming soon…

EDIT 2: Just saw another ad that relies heavily on the law of closure


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