NOTE: The original post/video to which I’m responding to is located at this link.

“What the hell does a girl “twerking” and catching on fire have to do with this class?”  I had heard earlier today that this video was staged, but didn’t have time to watch the video where the hoax was revealed.  What I discovered after watching it was that not only was this video comically very funny, but it was a really sly, clever social commentary on our society today.

“Good thing nothing is happening in Syria right now”

This comment by Jimmy Kimmel was probably missed by most people; possibly by their laughter or the audiences rousing applause over the top of him speaking.  But that comment was the phrase that turned this entire situation from a simple comical hoax to a brilliant criticism our how disconnected we are in a “connected” world.  His comment came directly after a 60 second montage of news stations (both local and national) covering the story of the girl whose yoga pants caught on fire.

Was this social criticism intentional?  I doubt it; at least initially.  Kimmel himself says that he posted the video almost 2 months ago.  Yes, Syria was happening then, but it hadn’t really escalated to the level it stands currently.  The way his comment was quipped seemed very off the cuff; almost like he didn’t know the weight his words would carry.

But then again, maybe that’s what he wanted to happen all along.


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