The theme of this page will revolve around the idea of being modern and fun.  Right now, the page is pretty bland, lacking color and personality.  The logo is non-existent on the page and the theme doesn’t reflect the main website at all.  Those will be the first things I change visually on this page, along with adding high quality photographs and other content.  Facebook will be the main social media presence.  Eventually, and instagram may be added, but for this particular business a facebook presence should work best.

The mission of Dixie Red Sands is to provide a safe, high quality housing experience to students of Dixie State University at a reasonable and affordable cost.  We aim to provide the best housing experience to students of all demographics and backgrounds.

Ideal Market Personas:

There are two main demographics who look at the facebook page: incoming freshman and their parents.  Below are some sample personas for the different demographics of the page.
  1. Jessica is 18 years old and is making the move down to Dixie State from her childhood home in Northern Utah. She is the only one of her friends moving to St. George for school, but is outgoing and eager to meet new people.  She’s apprehensive about having roommates and wants to make sure she’s going to be living in a good place
  2. Carson is 20 years old and is ready to move out on his own after living in his parents house for his first few years of college.  He has many friends locally and works part-time in addition to being a full time student. He’s beginning his Junior year and is looking to find somewhere where he can have his own space
  3. Susan is 43 years old and is a full time mother.  She’s not looking forward to sending off her oldest child to college at the other end of the state.  She values her children’s independence and is not a helicopter parent, but she wants to make sure that the basics are taken care of when her child starts school.


The biggest thing that will engage our audience will be photos.  Students and their parents want to see where they will be living, and have a good feeling about their situation.  Besides generic photos of the apartments, photos of resident life will be important in recruiting new contracts and building a feeling of community with current residents.  Making the application process and deadlines easy and clear will be important, along with the occasional blog post detailing tips and tricks for making college life a little easier.


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