When we were tasked to find a piece of art that creates a visceral response within us, I had no idea what I was going to do.  Walking back from class, however, I saw this out on the encampment mall:  (Pardon my poor photography)

This is not the first time I’d seen this sign outlining the design of the future clock tower on campus, however it was the first time I looked at it and honestly tried to develop an opinion about why or why not I like it’s design.  Many people I have talked to hate its design, comparing it to Sauron’s Tower from Lord of the Rings.  I wouldn’t say that I am completely sold on the design, but I can appreciate its beauty.

The design of this tower is architecturally bold.  It uses non-traditional design and shapes to create something unique.  In the first photo, there is a distinct diagonal line running from the bottom to the top clock face.  In the day, it is nothing more than a simple line, but at night it illuminates (with what I’ve been told are color-changing LED’s).

The use of color in this piece of artwork is also interesting.  The tan is quite neutral, but stands out against the blue sky or green grass.  The reflective material used on the clock face and down the side of the tower makes the colors a little more dynamic, because the clock will reflect the colors of the sky.  I can only imagine how beautiful this tower will look during one of our amazing St. George sunsets!


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