There’s probably so much more I could have written, but my hand was really starting to hurt from writing so much.  If you have any questions or comments, hit me up in the comments!

(sidenote, I’ll add the photos from my old fashioned instagram as soon as I can get them developed and scanned…)

 I dub my version of instagram “expensivegram”

EDIT:  Here are the photos.  Out of 54 exposures, I had twelve that turned out decent.  Awesome :-/

 Above: Tree in the front yard.  Below: Our D on the hillside so bold…

 Above: The drawer where I locked thousands of dollars of electronic equiptment.  Below: Me attempting to not get screwed over by the payphone one more time…

 Above: Messy Kitchen (that I didn’t mess up) Below: Decided to get takeout so I wouldn’t have to clean.  Nothing like some Honolulu Grill!

 Above: The front yard.  Below: The D on the hillside at dusk.

 Above: Me attempting to write my musings of the 48 hour experiment.  Below: My delicious homemade mac and cheese.

 Above: St. Geezy.  Below: Campus and DSUSA marquee.


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