Came across this today.  While this campaign wasn’t 100% social media driven (there were physical signs and flyers), a majority of it was.  Without giving too many spoilers (you really need to watch the video), I had just a few thoughts.

  1. While one group was very vocal initially, they’re reach was minuscule compared to the reach the library had with their message on social media.  They were able to target and infuriate a population of people that probably hadn’t heard anything from the other side.  It was a risky game to play, but it worked beautifully
  2. It doesn’t really specify demographics, but my assumption based on my experience is that people who initially were working against the library had a very old school approach: physical signs, flyers, phone calls, etc.  This is probably due to the fact that they are from an older generation.  While the idea for the campaign to save the library could have come from someone from a pre-internet generation, there is no way they would have been able to develop the marketing plan and execute without the help and support of the younger generation.
That’s about it… for now.  What did you all feel about this video? Clever? Stupid? Sly?

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