As I was browsing reddit this evening, I found this gem on the front page.  As we’ve talked about so much in class about things becoming more transparent, this new piece of software seems to provide a new take on typing; an evolution I would say of the QWERTY keyboard layout we’ve been using since the days of the typewriter.

I wouldn’t care so much to post about this except for one major detail: this isn’t just a new keyboard layout for screens.    This evolution of our typing idea can be applied to things outside the the third screen.  The video above shows some theoretical examples and this graphic below show some of them too.

I hope that this eventually makes it to the mainstream and hopefully (somehow) will make it onto iOS as well as Android.  This may even make me consider jailbreaking my iPhone to get this keyboard.  Should be exciting to see.  Take a look at their indigogo fundraising page for more info about their project.


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