Technology is progressing at a rapid rate.  Many times people are wondering what the next step is and which device they can purchase to stay on top of the game.  My best device has a wide variety of applications from education to communication to gaming.  This device is called MYO.  Check out the video below:

There are a few values that each category of use would contain.  These values are:
  1. Price
  2. Ease of use/intuitiveness
  3. Ability to transition to different platforms/tasks
The MYO satisfies each of these values terrifically.  At $149 dollars, this device is affordable to almost all demographics.  Education would be able to purchase them, gamers could justify the cost and even the typical home user could pay the price for the novelty.

Right now, the device is in pre-order.  In the video, it shows various applications in the developer model which they were able to come up with.  However, the most exciting aspect of this device is its ability to adapt to existing and future devices.  Imagine this paired up with some google glass, or tied into a smart board system for teachers.  The developers are working on an API, which will allow third party apps and hardware to interact with the device and come up with new applications for it.

Various devices which accomplish a similar task already exist.  There’s the XBOX Kinect, wireless mice and other gesture control systems as found in the Playstation and Wii gaming systems.  However, this device is the first to make the process nearly seamless; becoming just another part of your body.  You are also no longer limited to controlling things when in the sight of a camera; everything is self contained.  You can be in another room, double tap on the counter and skip songs.

Pretty awesome, eh?  I know I will be buying one, and I’m sure that I’ll be recommending it to everyone I talk with.  Where couldn’t this thing be used?


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